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My Pledge

I’m Chris Kidawski and it has been my ongoing mission for the better part of 17 years now to help people get rid of their pain to live a happy and healthy life. I developed excruciating knee pain at the age of 14 and the system failed find and fix my pain for a whopping 16 years. At that point I said enough is enough and took matters into my own hands.

Since then I’ve authored 9 books on health and wellness. Trained athletes to be champions, and have eliminated chronic pain in thousands of people. 
I’ve healed the unhealable. My methods have triumphed where shots, surgery, and pills have failed.
It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in pain, or what type you have. It doesn’t matter who you’ve seen in the past and what they told you. The health and future of your body is in your hands as I truly believe your body was meant to heal itself.
Rebuilding U is a mentorship program where I show you how become your own best therapist, AND nutritionist eliminating the need for costly visits to Doctor’s or Therapists depleting your time and your wallet.
This program is not for everyone though – only those willing to commit to putting in the work to take their OWN health back in their OWN hands.
So, if working with a TRUE professional appeals to you. If being guided by an expert to heal yourself makes sense to you. If taking back control of YOUR health excites you, then we should talk….

What No One Is Telling You:

I don’t have to tell you – PAIN FUCKING SUCKS! Pain wears you down, makes life miserable not only for you but those around you. It’s lose-lose.  

When I was in pain I lost several girlfriends because I was not fun to be around.
I lost several friends because I could not go play basketball, hike, or run without excruciating pain.
When I started figuring out how pain really worked in the body I lost my job as a physical therapist for not “Dangling the carrot” and keeping people on the hamster wheel! I was fixing people too quickly and was given an ultimatum by the owner to fall in line or be let go. It was a no brainer for me – I left and never looked back.
That moment back in 2005 I made a promise to myself and to God to never ever treat people in that manner again.
My philosophy is to focus on the clients I have whereas traditional medicine is worried about getting the next customer through the door.
Pain has multiple components. Physical, emotional, psychological, psychosomatic. But why is it that when you go see a practitioner only one parameter is treated – the physical? 
Multiple band aids are used, which never really seem to get to the bottom of your pain.
Here’s a little secret – The main component to pain is trauma. It can be trauma of any sort. A fall, a car accident, a bad break up, or unexpected loss of a job, or money. 
Trauma is not held in the muscles, or the joints. IT IS HELD IN THE FASCIA. 
And that is where we must first start in your healing journey….

Learn How To Open Up From The Inside Out

Learning how to unwind your fascia is the missing piece to all pain reversal. This is the yoga of the future.

Traditional yoga has very difficult poses most can not get into. The fascial movements you’ll learn inside the course can be done by those even in the most serious of pain.

Then, open up from the outside in....

Next, you are going to seek and destroy pain with surgical precision learning the intricacies of how pain really develops, and how it is permanently resolved.

Is Your Practitioner Getting Results Like This?

Again, learning how to unwind your fascia is the missing piece to all pain reversal.

Alignment is one of the most important aspects of human health and human movement. Lack of alignment means lack off space for tissue to operate correctly. The end result is you are in PAIN!

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Every week we get the whole community together for a live Q&A session available exclusively to members, giving you the chance to ask me absolutely anything you want!

Here's What My Students Are Saying:

What the Most Elite Warriors Say About My Methods:

If you are physically active you are going to get hurt or injured. Accept this and continue to make progress by means that are practiced and proven. Not everything needs surgery, in fact, my personal belief is that you should exhaust every other means of correction prior to going under the knife. With the increasing popularity of recreational fitness, and the increase of occupations that require that you remain physically capable, surgery can be a form of negative progress that is regrettably unnecessary. This is not to say that sometimes surgery is not absolutely necessary. The opposite in fact. But, if you are experiencing discomfort, loss of ability, loss of mobility and or pain, try the methods Chris has first.
My job requires, not only that I remain physically able, but physically competitive. Each day I view it as a part of my occupation that I exercise, build my strength, increase my endurance, hone my speed and form and perform routine maintenance on my body and its abilities. With all this, though I consult with professionals, always seek guidance and listen to advice from others, regardless of my opinion, I am still a human and I get hurt.
This was the case with my (shoulder) or so I thought. My most recent injury came from who knows where. It just started hurting one day. This was problematic because I couldn’t tell anyone how I hurt it. No one could examine my movements to come up with a probable cause. It just hurt. I trained through it for a couple of weeks and it continued to get worse. My problem was that I could not describe exactly what the pain was or where it came from.
Luckily I knew a guy and after swallowing much pride I approached CK and asked him to have a look at my issues. CK did his work and I was honest with him. There was an instance where I got up from doing the exercises and he gave me the routine “how does it feel?” To which I replied “nothing has changed.” I have been like that with every (trainer) that I have ever consulted. It is just what I feel is right. Later that night I received a battery of text messages and screenshots with drawings of my problem area with certain areas highlighted and circled and noted, all from CK interrogating me about my pain. Totally unexpected. I thought that he would just accept my word for words and move on to the next client. The man took the time at his house and studied my problem! After we reached a verdict, the next treatment was immensely effective. And the treatment after that, more. And the treatment after that, more.
This rounds out two points that I want to give you about the course Chris put together. Chris knows how to, and is willing, find it and fix it but most importantly, it takes time, and determination to get better. Repeat after me, it takes time. Do not become frustrated if you follow the instructions and guidance and it is not better after the first, second or third session. Remember, you are seeking progress. You don’t lose the weight in a day, you don’t beat every PR in a day, and you don’t see or feel the results in a day. Be patient and make progress. That’s what I did and it worked for the extreme measures I put myself through.
Aaron G.
Captain USMC

What the Most Elite Athletes Say About My Methods:

I met Chris Kidawski (CK) at the University of Hawai’i in 2005 when I was there on a visit auditioning as a potential walk-on wide receiver. Coming from Oakland, California, Honolulu was a major change for me, not just environmentally, but mentally as well. Not to mention I was fresh out of jail for picking friends up who had stolen goods on them (which I didn’t know). 

I could tell right off the bat that nobody, and I mean nobody, wanted to help me when I decided to walk on the football team. Honestly I couldn’t blame them. I was kind of like bad news. That didn’t stop me from asking people, though. Out of the 5 or 10 people I asked to help me, CK was the only one who took the bait, and I’m glad he did because not only did his methods work better than everyone else’s, he also saved my butt on a number of different occasions when I got hurt.

At the end of my 2012 season with the Miami Dolphins I was running a 10-yard crossing route when the ball was delivered to me right on the money. Before I had time to make my move, I was tackled with a helmet to the outside of my left knee as I landed and it was instantly filled with pain. After the trainers helped me up and off the field, I was escorted into the training room to get my MRI, and X-ray. The diagnosis came back as a fully torn MCL and a partially torn ACL. The MCL was not a problem and didn’t even require surgery; the ACL on the other hand was a huge problem. Having it partially torn was a major, major problem because the doctors didn’t know if they should clip half of a good ACL off a multi-million dollar athlete, or just leave it as it was and “hope” it healed in a good enough fashion to keep me playing.

While the Dolphins staff was scratching their head, CK was actively seeking treatment for me elsewhere. He contacted a doctor in the Kendall area who did platelet rich plasma (PRP), a therapy where they draw your own blood, spin it in a centrifuge so all of the good healing properties get concentrated, then inject the good stuff into the injured area.

CK saw me through the entire process. When I went back for my two-week check up, I was informed that my ACL was now fully healed. You would think that the story ends there, but it doesn’t.

When the Dolphins got news that my ACL was healed I was then under their care for the rehabilitation process. After just two days of rehab with them my knee started to act up. It felt very weird and unstable, and there were shap pains coming from it when I would squat. I again asked CK if he could figure out what was going on and turned all of my rehab over to him. Amazingly, he found several tight muscles in my thigh that were signaling pain into my knee due to instability they were creating. As he worked on my leg for about four or five sessions, the pain quickly disappeared and my leg felt like my leg again. Within two months time, CK had my knee and my leg fully functional, and I never missed a single day of offseason training.

I realize that many of you may not be professional athletes, but I’ve seen CK work miracles on all types of people. If you are at the end of the road with your pain; if you’ve seen 12 doctors and they all tell you that you’ll just have to live with your pain, then I know that this program and these methods with be your saving grace, just like they were mine.

Davone Bess
NFL Wide Receiver 2008-2014

As a world champion in my sport, I can pretty much choose the best trainers, therapists, and coaches to work with to improve my body for my craft. When my training camp moved to South Florida a year ago, I was tasked with finding an entirely new team to help keep me healthy so I could do what I loved to do and stay in the best shape of my life. For me, bodywork was a big gap I had to fill, so I started asking around. My training partner Robbie Lawler recommended I go see Chris Kidawski (CK). 

From our very first session, I was blown away by the knowledge CK had of the human body, where injuries originate from, and how to correct them. He was unlike anyone I had ever worked with. For instance, while training for a fight I suffered a contusion on my thigh from an accidental knee. That same night I hobbled in to see CK thinking I was going to have to take some serious down time from camp, but he worked his magic, and I was still able to train the very next day.

I’ve come to Chris with a variety of other injuries as well as my sport is very demanding. I had severe pain in my right big toe, and he fixed it by treating my calf. He has reduced my chronic back pain by showing me how to open up my hips and hip flexors, and he found a tight hamstring muscle in my left leg that was causing instability in my knee from time to time.

If you know me, you know I take my career very seriously. If I can’t fight, then I cannot support my family or those I love. When it comes to keeping me pain free and healthy I choose to go see Chris every time because of the results he gets for me, and I’m sure that he will get them for you too!

Michael Chandler
Two-time MMA Lightweight World Champion
Nashville, Tennessee

What Doctors Are saying about My Methods

I have known and worked with Chris Kidawski for about 8 years now. He has helped myself, family members and a large number of my patients. He is not only able to treat a wide variety of ages but both chronic and acute problems as well. Recently, a patient of mine who suffered with chronic back pain for over 20 years was referred by me to Chris and after his second treatment he said he has not felt better in many years. Another case, I had a patient that was undergoing traditional physical therapy modalities for many months and then was treated by Chris and after only a two treatments had more improvement then many months prior. It is evident that Chris’ passion and devotion is to help people achieve maximum wellness and musculoskeletal fitness/function at any age in life. No mater your goal in life the techniques he puts forth in this will help you tremendously.

-William L. Rowland M.D.
Board-certified in family medicine and fellowship Sports medicine.
25 years of experience in family and sports medicine.
Part of the medical team for high schools, colleges and professional (MLB) baseball.

Not only is Chris a gifted bodyworker and a skilled trainer, but he draws from years of experience of trial and error. I experienced this first hand many times as he has helped me with pain and problems in my own body that traditional medicine could not figure out from years of running, weightlifting, and Karate. Chris condenses this information to dispel the myths surrounding joint injury, and helps you get to the root of your problem quite easily. This program will give you a clear understanding of the importance of self-care through regular, consistent mobility work. 

– Jeff Oppenheimer, MD

Your Course Curriculum

Changing the Game of Online Coaching with Continuously Expanding Modules
and Targeted Lessons For Permanent Relief.

Learn how to breathe, bend, and twist while opening up your body from the inside out. This is the one thing that NOBODY knows is even possible. Fascial Maneuvers
Fascial maneuvers is the safest way to work on your fascia – the primary movement mechanism in the entire body. Your fascia is responsible for:
Most of us have had a bad fall when we were young, or some sort of trauma as we aged like a car accident, or maybe you slept wrong and now you continuously wake up with a stiff neck. All of these issues can lead to a misalignment of the first two vertebrae in your neck which can cause:
‼️The Vagus nerve is also linked to C1/C2 dysfunction, which can lead to problems like:
When this area is tight you are going to compress your sub-occipital nerves, which control the sub-occipital muscles. Half of this group of muscles connect to what is called the dura mater, which is a protective sleeve of the brain and spinal cord. This complex is called the myodural bridge which connects your eyesight, with your spine, your brain, and even the health of your cerebrospinal fluid.  
With this area being tight you can also affect the nerves leading to your lower back!  

Back pain for most people is a symptom, not a problem. Western medicine has a LOT of bandaids for back pain, but has yet to create any real solutions. Even with drugs, shots, and surgery back pain creeps back like the boogeyman and then the real pain starts, which is now a lack of options or more painful surgery.

In this module you are going to learn that: 

Back pain is a 100 Billion dollar a year industry with no real treatment, and no end in sight as our lifestyle these days literally invites disease, pain, and frustration.

In this module you are going to learn that knee pain is not really located in the knee. 

In fact there are only 5 different areas knee pain can actually come from:

You’re going to learn how to seek and destroy any knee pain you may have in a very easy & efficient manor.

One of the main points I convey to my clients when they start working with me is that all problems start with the feet and get translated through the shoulders (Atlas).

In this module you are going to learn how to:

Traditional medicine wants you to use orthotics, braces, heavily padded shoes, and even drugs to mask your foot pain. My methods will show you how to find and eliminate the problem! 

In this module you will learn how to:

All exercises are either body weight or require one dumbbell, or one kettlebell to complete.

Why is nutrition import when getting out of pain? BECAUSE FOOD MAKES BODIES! Every 3 months all of our cells are regenerated, and every year 99% of the atoms in our body are regenerated. Food has a huge impact on pain levels, especially if we are dealing with a meridian ,which is an organs cry for help! In this module you will learn:

I’d like to modestly say this nutrition program is 10 years ahead of its time….

Your Course Curriculum

I could go on and on but all that does is leave you sitting there in pain for longer and longer so I urge you to schedule a call as soon as you can. Why? Because I am only one person. There is online content sure - but I will be working one on one with every client that signs up which means... You guessed it... Spaces are limited... How many you ask? Don't know, but when I find my limit this page is coming down...

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting pain free is different for everybody because no two situations are identical. Plus you have to take into account nutrition, sleep, stress, and exercise all of which are included in the program.

Of Course! Getting rid of bulging or herniated discs takes time because your body is experiencing global compression. With a combination of a few fascial maneuvers, mobility work, and reintroducing primal movement patterns discs can regenerate just like any other tissue in the body. 

In order to eliminate pain, we must go through some discomfort. Those who can take pain fairly well will want to stay between a 6-8 on a pain scale of 10, where those who can not take pain very well will work around a tenderness of 4-6. When we release a chronic contraction from the fascia soreness will be induced because the muscle has been locked in a contracted state. It’s like the muscle has been exercising 24/7. Overall though your pain will subside.

Yes, absolutely. In fact you are a greater candidate for what is in the program! 

Glad you asked! If you are not feeling better and confidently feel your pain is moving in the right direction after 90 days contact me and you’ll get a full refund. Heck I’ll probably give the money back after that too if your are really dissatisfied because I am in the business to make money, not take money. (Realize this is just psychological because in all reality you will be feeling noticeably better after one week 😉).

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